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“DISCOVER”ing Yourself

This blog is meant to be a guide and resource for you as you go through the process of deciding on and pursuing a career path. I’ll be posting my own tips and ideas, but also many links to helpful websites and other career search resources. The cool part is that I am going through this same process as I’m writing. So, we’re in this together.

This quarter, I’m going to focus on the very first stage of the process: “Finding Yourself”. This might sound kind of cheesy, but when you are searching for a career, it is really important to become aware of who you are and what you want from life.

My alma mater’s website has an excellent database of videos on career-related things. I would recommend watching the third one on the list, “Finding Yourself”, which offers some good ideas on how to focus your career search based on your personality and strengths.

We also have a great resource available through the CESC called DISCOVER. This is a career development website that also aims to help you focus your search even further. Once you’ve logged on to DISCOVER, you can take a number of different questionnaires that assess interests, abilities and values. Using the results from those assessments, the website provides you with a list of potential career paths for your personality type. The website also offers helpful resume and cover letter writing tips, as well as monthly newsletters with “A Day in the Life” profiles of various occupations.
If you are interested in using DISCOVER, stop by the CESC office and we will give you an access code to get started!

No matter which videos you watch or how many personality assessments you take, it is necessary to spend some quality time with yourself, thinking about how you want your personal interests, skills, and values to fit into your work life. Once you’ve gotten some ideas about what you will to be able to contribute, as well as what you hope to gain, it is much easier to focus your search.


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